Hydrochloric Acid (HCl)

  • BCS is contracted with leading domestic US producers for Hydrochloric Acid. Our efficient and diversified supply chain enables us to service most regions of North America from one of our many terminals, or direct from our partner producers.
  • In addition to our diversified supplier base, which consists of ten separate suppliers, BCS has invested in the total supply chain of getting Hydrochloric Acid from the producer to the consumer. Additionally, BCS owns and operates the most modern and largest terminal for HCl in North America located in Geismar, Louisiana. Our 13 company owned terminals (see Locations map) enables us to serve most regions of the US. BCS has contracts with major shipping companies and a fleet of railcars and trucks dedicated to supplying our customers. These rolling assets and terminals allow BCS to offer the most reliable deliveries to its customers.
  • BCS has numerous customer service centers ready to handle any customer need 24-hours a day.

Nitric Acid (HNO3)

  • For Nitric Acid, BCS markets 42 Baume, 67% and Tower Acid. In addition, we have the ability to dilute these products to any strength at several of our terminal locations. We buy product directly from several producers, both domestically and internationally, and provide transportation services to the customer. These products can be shipped by rail and truck, both Bulk and Mini-Bulk.
  • We see continued growth of this product for both Bulk and Mini-Bulk applications. The main uses for Nitric Acid include: oxidizing agent, chemical intermediate, fertilizers, ph control and metal cleaning.

Phosphoric Acid (H3PO4)

  • Phosphoric Acid is a key product in our acids offering. BCS markets both 75% and 85%, Food Chemical Codex, NSF, Kosher and technical grades. Terminal capabilities include the ability to dilute product to a specified percentage. Product shipments are made by truck, both Bulk and Mini-Bulk, and railcars with deliveries from 100 gal to 14,000 gal per shipment.
  • Our products are sourced both domestically and globally with our terminal infrastructure positioned to control costs and improve transportation efficiencies. This allows us to handle any supply disruptions or plant upsets so that we can provide continuous service to our customers.
  • To meet your needs we have made significant investment in storage and transportation in order to support this growth. Industries that utilize phosphoric acid include: Chemical Production, Food and Beverages, Metal Treating and Refractory.

Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4)

  • BCS is contracted with leading domestic US producers. Our supply chain enablers us to service most regions of North America from one of our many terminals or direct from our partner producers (see Locations map).
  • Sulfuric Acid represents a growing product for BCS as we move into new supply agreements across North America. BCS will expand our capabilities to deliver sulfuric acid to the market.
  • BCS can supply most product strengths from many of our terminal locations (see Locations map). Also, at some terminal locations we are able to provide NSF and Food Chemical Codex products.